How to Identify Electrical Problems in Your House

By accessibleproperty

February 2, 2021

When it comes to electrical issues, problems can range from completely benign to insidiously dangerous. Flickering lights and burnt out light bulbs can switch from harmless to hazardous in an instant, so pre-emptive action in identifying potential problems is the best policy to keep your home safe.

To know if you’ll need to hire an electrician to protect your house and yourself from electrical damage, here are a few easy questions to ask in order to identify possible areas of concern.

Are your outlets working?

A non-functioning outlet is not a reason for particular concern, but a malfunctioning outlet is. If one or more of your outlets frequently overheats or contains loose internal materials, you might be at risk for shorts, sparks, and fires.

Are your lights flickering?

While a dead lightbulb will simply require a replacement to solve one flickering fixture, there is a more serious underlying issue at play if the flickering affects multiple fixtures in your home. This will usually point to a loose electrical connection in your circuits, breaker box, or utility drop.

Are your wires in good shape?

While aluminium wiring is uniquely susceptible to damage, any wires can become hazardous if left in the wrong condition. Anything from a disorganised clump of wires to a mysterious burning smell could point toward future dangerous situations. Melted plastic from undue heat exposure or torn up plastic sheathings from rodent infestations can quickly turn from small, fixable nits into unmitigated fire hazards.

Are your gas lines operating as they should be?

In the case of a lightning storm, a gas line that has been grounded incorrectly can become a life-endangering threat. Checking your gas lines to confirm the absence of an imminent threat could save you time, effort, and money in the future. If your home has any of these problems, your situation could use the help of an experienced electrician. Although DIY fixes are all too common on the Internet, any electrical issues in your house should be handled and resolved by a professional. Please consider contracting an electrician to take care of those potential hazards and keep your home well protected.