How to Move Home with Confidence in 2021.

By accessibleproperty

April 19, 2021

  • How to Move Home with Confidence in 2021.

    As restrictions continue to ease across the UK, more and more people are choosing to move house across the UK and back into London.

    It is commonly accepted that moving house can be one of the most stressful events in our adult lives. However, it doesn’t need to be. Moving to a new home can be one of the most exciting times we can be a part of, a simple event that can be the start of something new. To help you appreciate the excitement of moving into London, this article will provide you some simple tips to ensure your move into the capital goes as smooth as possible, while ensuring you adhere to social distancing measures.

    Moving During Covid-19

    Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, it wouldn't have been problematic to welcome multiple movers, family members, and maybe even a friend or two into your home to help make your move run smoothly. However, as social distancing continues to dominate our daily lives, it is critical to keep public health measures in mind throughout the process.

    While many would insist this is not the best time to move, removal companies have updated the way they work to ensure the process can be undertaken safely. So how can you make your move to London easier?

    Moving to London Tips.

    1.      Packing Materials

    Boxes, bins, tape, blankets, bubblewrap – there are many materials you can use to keep your possessions intact when in transit from your old home to your new home. During the current time, it is important to consider using as much of your own supplies as possible. This is crucial to stop cross contamination.

    2.      Parking

    As we all know parking in London can be a nightmare. If there are any parking restrictions at your current or new address – you will have to contact your local council to arrange for any necessary parking suspensions for the removal vans. They usually require 10 working days’ notice.

    3.      Sort your keys out

    If possible, make sure you have the keys to your new premises available upon arrival of the removal team, otherwise you might find yourself inconvenienced, stalled, and faced with additional charges.

    4.      Hire a specialist London removal company.

    Booking your London removal company, ahead of time ensures that you get your pick of quality services, such as packing and storage services, and help with your removals plan, and you don’t have to scramble to find help at the last minute. Booking a specialist removal company when moving to a big city will not only make your move easier, they will provide expert knowledge on the local area and specialist tips to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

    5.      Formalities

    Before you move home in London it is imperative you have all the formalities out of the way. If you are unsure here is a list of points you should consider:

    ·        If you are moving to the other side of London, does anything change with your new local authority?

    ·        Council tax

    ·        Utilities.

    ·        Post re-direction

    ·        Homeowners and rental insurance.

    During the move, try to stay as far away from your movers as you can, move to a different room or the garden, social distancing yourself as much as possible, especially avoid handshakes and preparing food and drink for your movers. It's also best to ensure crew members can easily wash their hands if they request to do so. And if they're prepared, they should also have their own supply of face masks, gloves (if they choose to wear them), and hand sanitisers.

    Last but not least, enjoy settling into your new home!