How to Redecorate Your Teenage Son’s Room

By accessibleproperty

February 17, 2021

Your little boy is now a teenager and you can be sure that he wants some changes done in his bedroom. Most of the time, he will be inviting his best buddies over and will want to impress them with a bedroom that is a little more adult. You may have your ideas of how his bedroom should look, but it is still best to remember that it is his room. He should be able to choose his colour scheme and how he wants it arranged. Just the same, you need to be there to give suggestions (which he will surely appreciate) and help him redecorate his private space. You can also find fabric such as denim from Dalston Mill for reupholstering bedroom furnishings, curtains, and other bedroom decors.

Here are some ideas you may find useful when redecorating your teenage son’s bedroom.

Step up with furniture designs

Because your teenage son wants to have a more mannish feel in his bedroom, pick out more stylish furniture. The designs can no longer be those that are made for little boys. He needs a desk for his laptop and books, a swivel chair to relax, and a bed that is his size. You can add in some hanging shelves where he can put his prized possessions on display. Bring in a side table for a modern lamp to sit on. You can also bring in a magazine rack where he can store his favourite mags. The essential thing to remember is that all of his furniture is adult-like. Involve him when it comes to making the right selection that he is happy with.


When It comes to colour schemes, your teenager will be the best person to ask. They all have their preferences, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be blue, which is what a boy’s room would typically have. For him to be comfortable in his bedroom, he needs to enjoy the view. Give him free rein with the shades he wants.

Wall decor

Another thing teenage boys enjoy doing is hanging up their wall decor. They may have favourite posters that they want to put on display. What you can do is have them framed so they not only look good hanging on the wall but stay preserved. You could also hang items that your teenager enjoys, such as a skateboard or surfboard. He will appreciate the decor that reflects his personality and tastes.


Curtains will always look good in any room of the house. You can dress up your son’s window with linen or denim curtains. Choose shades and designs that complement or serve as an attractive contrast to the colour scheme of the room. Children grow up faster than we imagine, and their tastes constantly change too. As a parent, you need to remember that just like you, your teenager has his idea of what his bedroom should look like. While it may be exciting to decorate it on your own, it is still best to allow him the last say. That way, he gets exactly what he wants, and is happy with it.