Lib Dems Fighting for Accessible Housing

By FrankiChaffin

January 16, 2020

The Liberal Democrats have proposed for new housing inspections. These inspections would mean that housing should be accessible to elderly people. They have proposed a new regulatory agency, this agency would have set guidelines.

The agency would make it mandatory for landlords to have housing that suits disabled tenants. Every house would have to have basic accessible housing features. The Lib Dems are not the only party to have expressed their interest in this. However, these parties are rather small, and do not have anyone in Parliament. 

The houses would require the following:

  • Windows. All windows would need to be folding windows. These windows would need to provide the most natural sunlight. The Lib Dems have talked about how this can be the only connection to the outside world. 
  • Doors. The Lib Dems have talked about how doors are key in the home. If a door doesn’t open, it can harm people. Something that can’t be accepted.
  • Bathrooms. The Lib Dems have talked about how bathrooms are the biggest source of contention for disabled people. Disabled people often find it quite hard to use public toilets.

Although these will only come into effect once the bill has been passed. And landlords will have nearly 10 years to apply these to their buildings. The Lib Dems have proposed fines for landlords who don’t comply with these regulations. 

Why are the Lib Dems doing this?

The Lib Dems are a political organisation, not an activist group. However, they know one key thing about politics- the youth. Younger people are more liberal, they believe in equality, sometimes to the extreme. If they talk about disabled rights, more young people will flock to them. 

They know that they can use this as a jumping off point. They know that it will be this first. They can get some reforms passed, and then move on. They will highlight their successes with this bill. Using it for several years to come, and for many future bills. 

Will it pass?

With politics, it’s always difficult to speculate. Some will say yes, others, no. However, we won’t know until the bill is out before Parliament. However, many suspect this won’t be until after Brexit. Or at least until after the proroguing of Parliament is over. 

It’s likely that this bill will pass. Not only are the Liberal Democrats becoming a bigger and bigger party. They’re becoming more powerful. It’s likely that it will be political suicide if it isn’t passed. They’ll use it as an excuse “Clearly they don’t care” is likely what they’ll say. And this will make them stronger.

Besides, even though landlords may not like it. The UK will become a more favourable country to live in for those with disabilities. I have a friend with a disability. He has chosen to move to Malta, because they have relatively similar laws to what has been proposed. He said on the matter “If they pass the law, I might just consider moving back to Britain.”