Modern Decor Trends for 2021

By accessibleproperty

March 15, 2021

Do you enjoy regularly keeping up with décor trends? If so, you’ve certainly come to the right place! We love all things décor because the trends are usually very unique and pertain to whatever styles are in at that moment. Modern décor also allows us to turn our own spin on things and doesn’t make us feel awful when we don’t have the exact items everyone is telling us we should have! Keep reading to find out some modern décor trends ready to take hold in 2021.

Luxury Items

All too often, new homeowners and first-time buyers usually head to the closest store where they can purchase flatpack furniture and purchase one of everything from the same collection. While this is an affordable way to settle into a new home, this trend is beginning to fall out of style. Interior designers recommend purchasing unique and bespoke items as you go along to suit your interior vision. Items such as a slipper chair, grand mirror, and bespoke rugs are a few examples of what you can include in your vision. Make time to shop at independent stores to get unique pieces you’ll love forever!


Minimalism has been coming into fruition in the Western world for a number of years but falls back to the traditional way of living in some Asian countries. Minimalist living is about choosing to live with minimal items. This often leaves a decluttered mind and more time and headspace to focus on what truly matters. This style definitely isn’t for everyone, but you should consider it if you hate clutter and loves an empty space. This décor trend is also known to help the environment as there is less consumption. Could this trend be for you?

Bolds and brights

The current interior space hashtag on Instagram is filled with homes that are bright, bold and beautiful. Brighter colours are known to help with the happy hormones we all certainly need – being in a bright space is sure to get you in a lovely frame of mine. Bolder colours also provide a lovely and exciting environment to be in. People across the globe have been choosing stronger colours and contrasting them. For example, pink and orange walls with blue accents. For too long, we have all been choosing pastels and off-whites. We’re glad this trend is dying.

Bathroom décor

Bathrooms no longer should only consist of the usual bathroom and toilet furniture. That’s boring! We are now seeing homes brighten their bathrooms and bring in a little bit of luxury. People are choosing handmade items and prints from small-based artists online. Forget four white walls and a soap dispenser. We also recommend opting for misshapen mirrors and out of the ordinary artwork or ornaments. This modern décor trend is set to take hold in 2021 and stay for some time.

What is your favourite modern décor trend for 2021? Just remember that you can put your spin on anything to make it your own!