Office Managers: 7 Ways You Can Improve The Aesthetic Of Your Office Space

By accessibleproperty

May 11, 2022

Making your office aesthetically pleasing is critical to boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. It can also help make a good impression on guests or customers that visit your office premises. As an office manager, making the office the best it can be is a critical part of your role, and improving the aesthetic is integral to this. 

There are plenty of simple ways to improve the aesthetic of your office, which can also improve the health and happiness of you and your team. You should consider the office as a whole and ensure that the aesthetic changes are cohesive and effective.  

Add Some Greenery 

Plants can help improve air quality and make the office a relaxed and productive workplace. Some offices have seen improvements using green walls, where living plants are grown on a vertical structure. These can take the place of traditional office dividers or cubicle walls and offer a much-improved aesthetic.  

Improve Natural Light 

The fluorescent lights that are popular in many office buildings can be harsh on the eyes and create a clinical, impersonal aesthetic. Natural light is a far more attractive way to light your office and can have excellent implications for productivity and employee happiness.  

You can increase the natural light in your office by adding large mirrors to reflect light into areas that aren’t naturally in the sunlight. Ensure that these are angled in a way that won’t reflect in employees’ eyes or computer monitors.  

Use A Dehumidifier 

Dehumidifiers can be an excellent way to prevent common office hazards and eyesores like mould from occurring. They can also be a great way to eliminate odours around the office, improving the overall atmosphere and aesthetic. Take a look at this explainer from the Dantherm Group to find out what is the best type of dehumidifier for my needs? 

Invest In Art 

Artwork on the walls can be a great way to show your business’s personality. The art you choose should be in keeping with the tone and branding of your business. Consider investing in art from a local artist or ask your employees for ideas and recommendations.  

Buy Quality Office Furniture 

Buying quality office furniture will give you the best aesthetic results and save you money over time. Using quality materials like natural wood can ensure that office furniture doesn’t have to be replaced as frequently. Choose furniture that is ergonomic as well as aesthetic to ensure that your team can work comfortably.  

Keep Noise To A Minimum 

Noise in the office can significantly impact the overall atmosphere at work. It can also affect your team’s ability to work productively and efficiently. It is best to divide your office into areas where noise is acceptable and where it is not. It won’t be possible to eliminate noise in your office environment completely, but keeping it to a minimum can improve the relaxed and calm atmosphere.  

Choose The Right Colours 

The right colour scheme can improve productivity and portray the right message to your employees, customers and business partners. It is best to choose muted and pastel shades, as brighter colours can distract employees from trying to get their work done. Consider blues, greens, greys and whites to create an ideal calm working environment.