A Guide to Fixing Up Your House

    Is your home in dire need of rejuvenation? If so, why let somebody else have all the fun… perform the renovation yourself! By resolving to fix up your house, you will be able to retain complete control over the work that is done, put your DIY skills to the ultimate test, and, once the remodelling […]

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    Buy a house after or before Brexit?

    With the prospect of a second referendum on Brexit looking increasingly unlikely, many first time buyers are torn between buying now and waiting until after Brexit. Despite what the experts might say, no one can tell whether prices will rise or fall after Brexit, which just serves to increase the uncertainty. Since the UK voted […]

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    The Mortgage Industry is Broken – Here’s Why

    Mortgages are static in a changing market   The mortgage industry is arguably the driving force of the United Kingdom’s financial retail industry, yet it has remained unchanged for decades, is full of anachronisms and is no longer aligned with customer preferences. It’s offline, relies on face-to-face meetings which take weeks to organise, requires piles […]

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