How to Build your Housing Piggy Bank

    It is most people’s dream to own their own place but with 99% mortgages a thing of the past and the huge amount of cash now needed for a deposit, the prospect of saving enough money is certainly daunting! Nevertheless, you will find colleagues at work who are on similar salaries that are paying a […]

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    Garden Design Tips for The Disabled

    The layout of your garden can make a significant difference in how you enjoy garden work. It’s usually best to focus on container growing, but this will depend on your disability. To keep the digging and weeding to a minimum, ensure that any ground level place is low maintenance. In this read, we are going […]

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    Trends for Future-Proofing Your Home

    With technology rapidly changing everywhere and now even how we interact with our homes, you need to be careful about what types of technology you rely on in your home. After all, technology changes very much decade-to-decade. For example, not many people are still listening to CDs and watching VHS tapes as they were in […]

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