How to make your home more accessible and wheelchair friendly

    Although pushchairs and wheelchairs may look similar, there are actually a number of key differences between them, many of which revolve around the fact that pushchairs are intended for infants, who are largely dependent on their parents, whereas wheelchairs are, statistically, most likely to be used by adults, who generally want to live independently. This […]

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    How to Find House Buyers Quickly

    It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a home in a seller’s or buyer’s market. Selling a house in a hurry can sometimes be overwhelming. Worse still, buyers will only be more attracted in your house the first few weeks it hits the market. For this reason, you need to market your property well; otherwise, your […]

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    Crowdfunding a New Property Development Tips

    Despite the various attempts by the government to alleviate the United Kingdom’s housing crisis, you cannot rely exclusively on the public money to construct and new properties and boost the supply. While the recent government’s 2-billion Euros investment in ‘social and affordable housing’ is likely to add some relief, there is an urgent need to […]

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