New Build Holiday Homes Have Become A Profitable Investment

    With tourism back on the rise globally, development in some tourist areas is booming. One of the most common deals being touted by development firms is pre-build sales. People that have fallen in love with a certain spot overseas have been investing in these pre-build opportunities often picking up properties for 70% and sometimes as […]

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    How to Buy, Refurbish and Flip Houses Quickly Leveraging Refurbishment Finance

    Buying and renovating a property in order to sell it can make you a great deal of money. After discovering a property you can buy, refurbish, and sell, you may need a large sum of money to help you finance the project. Many investors and developers make use of different types of property development finance […]

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    Damp Basement Proofing Using Household Objects

    Image credit Mention damp proofing or waterproofing to homeowners and they instantly think about a big bill and a costly series of work.  But there are lots of things you can do to reduce the problem of a damp basement with normal household items – many of which you probably already have.   The […]

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