Seven ways to screw over your internet provider

By accessibleproperty

February 15, 2021

With a large percentage of businesses operating online, demand for internet services continues to experience an explosion. The average internet consumer spends 20 hours a week online, responding to emails, playing games, interacting on social networks, or closing important business deals.

It is almost impossible to survive without the internet, and you may constantly be searching for better deals leaving a huge dent in your finances. To alleviate this, find and compare cheap sim only deals and offers available in the market.

Internet service providers with a large customer base continue to hypnotize clientele with more deals leaving many struggling to settle bills. With the growing internet service demands, Internet Service Providers (ISP) seem to take advantage of the situation causing leaving customers upset and frustrated. No wonder there is loathing for ISP companies.

Numerous ISP companies hold a monopoly over internet service, leaving customers with no option to select an appropriate service provider. They experience no serious competition, allowing them to take advantage and charge premium rates.

Try asking a few customers about their internet service providers and the probability of hearing frustrating narratives of poor service delivery with a terrible customer care service experience. There are numerous cases of data restraints, speed throttling, constant interruptions, impolite customer care reps, and unjustifiable increase in pricing.

It is even more appalling when you still experience similar challenges of slow speeds at high rates after changing providers. Even though scorn against internet service providers seems exaggerated, internet consumers have good reason to loathe them.

Awaiting the era where more service providers will appear with an alternative forcing the ISPs to improve to compete, for now, though you may not like it, you have no option but to endure.

For you not to be your service provider's slave, here are simple measures you can take and be safer.

1.      Buy a modem and router instead of renting

The idea of renting a device to users instead of selling or providing it as part of their service is an old, outdated practice that you should not accept. A majority of people end up paying a lot of money for a device that costs less.

 ISPs may often provide you with a piece of equipment and charge you a monthly fee. Unknown to many, you can buy the same device and avoid paying the monthly fee. Of course, this is something they will never reveal to you.

 Every model is listed If you search online. You will realize that you will spend less and save more. You can also upgrade the software to fit your preferences. The disadvantage of ISP is that it is limited with what it can do to the router. 

2.      Avoid service calls, or if you can't, insist that they are free.

It is surprising that when their technician pays you a visit caused by a technical hitch on their side, they end up charging you for it.

Before allowing them to come over, inquire and find out if you can resolve the issue yourself, and if they must come, they shouldn't charge you. If ISP reps charge you for a visit, threaten to expose them to authorities, or better still, look for an alternative internet service provider.

3.      Gets deals from the installer

When you experience a challenge and send a technician, try and find out if there are any unpublicized offers you can take advantage of. Many of these technicians are independent contractors paid by the hour and can do anything to make you happy and get a positive review from you. It could also mean revealing to you that special desperation rate ISP's reserve until you decide to leave.

4.      Complain

The more you complain, the better the service you seem to get. Make sure you complain about customer service, constant outages and insist on receiving compensation for it. You could threaten to leave for the competitor with a slight price reduction or insist on getting a similar offer that your neighbor received recently.

ISP companies greatly need you as a subscriber and may somewhat dance to your tune to prevent you from leaving.

However, some of their customer service representatives are extremely helpful and try their best to sort you out. Therefore, it is good to help them out by giving them a positive review.

Since it may not be practical to make daily calls with new demands, utilize the few chances you have and get maximum benefits.

5.      Choose your service level wisely

ISP's offers are many and not easily understood, making customers choose expensive packages to get everything they require. The fact is, you can meet your needs on the lower package plan on offer.

 It is relieving to discover that you can spend all day researching online, play video games, download movies, and stream HD videos at very competitive rates. Of course, they will not tell you or advertise it.

6.      Stream everything because broadcast tv is a joke

Watching television has become an old-fashioned practice with the numerous annoying ads that keep popping up. Currently, most shows are available on streaming services that keep multiplying daily. You may opt to join them for less than the amount you are paying for many cable TV channels that you never watch. 

7.      Watch your bill like a hawk.

Internet service providers have a way of expanding your bill after adding all the nominal fees, levies, and service charges. Please get in the habit of calling them and asking for clarification. Your ISP will claim to have mistakenly charged you for a service when you demand an explanation.

 It's amazing how slight charges keep growing, and new ones constantly appear on the bill. Always keep the copies safely, as they will come in handy when you are on the phone with a customer representative. Asking the difficult questions about your sudden bill increment may get you discounts. Paying a keen eye on these fees will help you know of any available refunds as your ISP will never call to give you that update.

Though it is imperative that higher package plans are available and that internet providers need to improve their infrastructure, competition and reliability need to go up, and prices must come down. Internet service should be made available to everyone at an affordable rate. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible.