The Benefits of Having Steel Windows

By accessibleproperty

October 8, 2021

Securing your home depends on many factors. One factor is the materials used for the construction of the house. Next is the quality of the hardware installed on doors and windows. Another factor worth considering is the quality of your windows. Steel is nearly impregnable and perfect for windows and doors for additional security. 

For example, Crittall windows are known for their durability and classic design. With the new materials available today, they are stronger, securing your home better, not only from unauthorised entries but also against the elements.

Experienced steel window manufacturers are careful about the quality of their materials for Crittall windows in the UK, as their company's reputation is at stake. Moreover, it is already established that steel is the metal of choice because no current materials can outlast it.

Advantages of steel windows

Steel windows look great in any architectural style, and installing or refurbishing them will give your house or building several advantages.

  • Low maintenance and longevity. Today's steel that manufacturers use to produce Crittall windows is treated with various coatings to improve the metal's strength and longevity. The surface coatings make them rust-resistant and repel damage from harsh environments. In addition, the smooth finish of the metal requires minimum cleaning and maintenance.
  • Elegant sightlines and versatility. Steel, when used creatively, is exquisite. It can be fashioned into various shapes and sizes because the material is quite versatile. With its inherent strength, thinner steel can be fashioned into durable frames for glass sheets, creating very slim sightlines, allowing for a better view of the outdoors and more sunlight coming into the room. 
  • Higher thermal insulation. In the past, one of the drawbacks of steel windows is their minimal insulating capability. However, with the advances in technology, the new steel windows have better glazing, providing the product with better thermal insulation, minimising the entry of cold air from outside, and preventing the release of warm indoor air. As a result, today’s steel windows meet the requirements of building regulations in terms of weatherproofing and insulation, which effectively reduces your energy consumption. 
  • Sustainability. Steel can be recycled numerous times without changing its properties. Given this fact, many manufacturers use recycled steel for their Crittall windows, making the new windows green products. The strength and integrity of steel are further enhanced by modern processes and the range of coating materials that give its surface additional physical and aesthetic properties. 
  • Maximum use of glass. With the strength of the steel frames, steel windows can use thinner frames and remain structurally sound. It allows the use of larger sheets of glass, improving sightlines and enabling you to see more of the view outside. In addition, it allows more natural light to come in, improving illumination in each room. In effect, it helps reduce your energy use since you do not need to turn on your artificial lights during the daytime. Moreover, more natural light adds to the ambience and aesthetic look of the space.

These are just a few of the benefits using steel windows can give you. Although the price is higher, the durability of steel windows makes the equation even, as they can last a lifetime.