The Top Advantages of Integrated or In-Roof Solar Panels over On-Roof Systems

By accessibleproperty

June 2, 2021

The solar panel revolution in the UK has definitely begun, and systems have been sprouting up like mushrooms in the English landscape. There are indeed a growing number of property owners who are now investing in their own solar panel installation, especially since they are now more affordable and the technology has become vastly advanced. But whilst you can always go for a traditional on-roof solar installation, more property owners in the know are choosing integrated or in-roof solar panel systems instead. But what exactly are they, and how are they different from standard solar panel systems? More importantly, what are their benefits? If you want to learn more about integrated solar panel systems, here are their top advantages over on-roof systems.

What are they?

The integrated or in-roof solar panel installation is the same as on-roof systems, but instead of having them placed on top of your roof slates or tiles, you can have them integrated as your actual solar panel roof. This means the panels will replace a portion of your roofing, with no slates or tiles beneath. One excellent aspect about integrated solar panels is that they are weatherproofed, making them stronger than regular roof slates or tiles but with the photovoltaic cells, you need to produce energy for your property.

What you need to know, however, is that these panels are still different in appearance from standard roof tiles and are not designed to look like them. They will still look like solar panels, with the difference being their integration onto your roof.

Their top advantages

  1. The aesthetic appeal

Many would agree that an on-roof solar panel system can look quite awkward and bulky on top of a roof, even if newer models have a more streamlined design. Integrated panels are on a different level because you can install them as part of the structure of your roof, so they will not sit awkwardly on top of the roof but will sit evenly with your roof’s tiles, allowing them to blend in.

  •  The cost

In the past, when integrated or in-roof panels first came into the market, their price was a bit on the expensive side, more than standard panels. But since then, the technology has become a lot more in-demand, and there is now a bevvy of manufacturers who offer better in-roof solutions, and the cost has already gone down. Along with this, integrated panel systems are a less expensive alternative to having your entire roof replaced with a solar roof.

  • Ideal for replacements and newly-built properties

Integrated panels are a popular choice for newly-built properties and entire roof replacement projects because you can retrofit them simultaneously as the tiles on your roof – which comes with savings on time and effort. Your installers would no longer have to walk on top of the panels, perhaps resulting in minute cracks. You can essentially install the system whilst you also install your roof, so you don’t require as much labour and can do away with the potential problem of replacements.

  • The weight

The weight of standard solar panels on your roof can add stress to your structure, and this can result in various issues eventually. But your integrated roof system doesn’t need mounting frames, thereby making them more lightweight than traditional on-roof systems. The installer will simply remove a portion of your standard tiles and replace them with lighter solar panels.