Three Ideas that will Make Your House a Warmer Place to live

By accessibleproperty

August 1, 2022

Whether we spend a lot of time at home, or we only sleep there, the one thing we want most is for our house to provide us with a warm feeling of happiness and serenity. Naturally, it is our job to make it so at first, by creating a peaceful environment with the ones we live with. But there are elements which when placed inside a house, will help create that sensation of joy and serenity. Here are three of them.

A House Opened to the Outside

If you want your house to feel warm, the one thing you need to do is to change the windows, in order to open it up to the outdoors. Natural light is the one thing that a home can never get enough of. If you walk into a house that has small windows, where you need to open up a light, here and there, even in daytime, it will feel as if you are suffocating. To raise the spirit of the family, don’t hesitate to tear down the whole wall adjourning the garden and replace it with a full glass door system, like the ones you can find at glass facade system. Suddenly, everyone will be alive and happy at the kitchen table, every morning. It is difficult to be in a gloomy mood, when the sun enters into the whole room, the way that it does with a wall made out of glass panes.

Keep the colours of the Walls Light

You may think that by painting a wall bright red or yellow, that you will bring warmth to the room and the house. However, it will have the reverse effect, at least in the long term. Having a warm sensation means that you feel good, every time you walk into your home. That it is a location that brings you serenity and peace of mind. Bright colours will only make you feel electric, and you will rapidly tire yourself of their sight. At the opposite, soft colours will calm and appease everyone that lives with you. When the sun comes in through your new extra-large aluminium windows, it will make the whole space come to life, much better than if the walls are painted in dark colours. You can always add funky decoration elements later on, to make the room pop-up, but go easy on the colour of the paints that you choose.

Add plants, Wood and Other Natural Elements

We want to feel as if we are part of our environment – not alienated from it. The best way to live close to nature, is to invite it indoors, with us. Studies have proven that people living with green plants in their home, feel more alive than those that don’t. As strange as it may sound, they give you a sense of purpose, as you need to take care of them, if you want them to grow, and that is what makes us feel better about ourselves. Finally, go for natural elements, whenever you can. Start with a beautiful wooden floor, which will really help warm the whole place up.