Your Top Choices for Air Conditioning: Which is Best for Your Property?

By accessibleproperty

September 23, 2021

Almost everyone will appreciate cool temperatures, especially amid a sweltering summer. But installing an air conditioning system may already be one of your goals – so the more significant question on your mind may be which type of system to choose. Most homes in the UK will have split-type AC units for various rooms, but newer properties will often have centralised systems that have ducts built into the walls as the property is built. But whilst each type of system or model will have its merits, you need to choose one that’s just the ideal fit for your property and your AC requirements. So what should you know about the kinds of air conditioning systems and units out there? Here are your top choices for air conditioning: which is best for your property?

A split system

Split-type air conditioning is the most popular and most commonly seen type of AC system in the UK. As mentioned, many homes have it, and installing the system is relatively easy: the installer will put up a wall-mounted indoor component, which is backed by another component placed outdoors. It's a good choice for various reasons.  For one, you only need to have a small hole cut on the wall where the units connect, which does away with a substantial structural project. With the system, you can also conveniently control the temperature and adjust it from cool to warm and vice versa.

The split-type system also exhibits excellent energy efficiency, and it comes with both cooling plus heating features. The installation process for it is simple, too.

A centralised system

Centralised systems are more often found in newly-built homes and properties, or they are seen in property remodels, as the Surrey air conditioning professionals from Sub Cool FM attest. It is easier to install this type of system in new construction because the installer will have to put up the ducts into the walls, and if your home already has walls, this would mean cutting into the walls, which is a much bigger project.

Even though a central AC system comes with high energy efficiency, the cost of the investment is high as well. This is because of the necessary installation of the ducts and the length of time you need to complete them. Aside from this, it requires the installation of a compressor outdoors. You may want to choose this system if you have a new-build property or would like substantial efficiency. It’s also quiet and effective. If you have no budget constraints and are going through a remodel, your property could be suited to a centralised system.

A portable system A portable AC can be a good option compared to a larger system, as it is ideal for use in various areas. Since you can move and transport it, you can use it for a wide range of purposes. Keep in mind that it will not be as efficient as a split or centralised system, although it may be a good option for property renters or people who often travel from one place to another. If you want something convenient and does away with the lengthier installation process, you can opt for a portable AC system, and it is often cheaper than split-type or centralised systems, too.