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Disability Access Auditors

An access audit, also known as a DDA audit or Disabled Access Audit, is a process where a qualified expert will assess a building, business, environment or service to establish how accessible it really is.

Disabled Access Auditors will assess key functions and features against best practice guidelines for accessibility in the relevant areas. For example, an access auditor may conduct an assessment of local business and look at structural factors like the entranceway and width of hallways to establish whether a wheelchair user could easily access the building.

To meet the requirements set out in the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act 2010, most businesses will need to have a disability access audit of their workspace. All businesses must meet the minimum DDA standards, but most disability access auditors will recommend steps you can take to improve accessibility even further.

Access auditors will look at a variety of elements including approach and car park, entrances, reception areas, corridors and doorways, lifts and stairs, signage, toilets, and the accessibility of emergency exits among others.

As well as access audits for businesses and buildings, you can also find Website Audits, Communications Audits and Policy/Procedure audits.

The cost of access audits will vary dramatically depending on the circumstances so it’s difficult to give an approximate price for the service, but broadly speaking audit costs can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand pounds.