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Disability aids sometimes referred to as mobility aids or daily living aids, include a wide variety of devices designed to assist walking or otherwise improve mobility. Disability aids can be essential for the elderly and people with limited mobility, either through life-long disability or temporary injury.

The NHS offers a range of disability aids including wheelchairs, ramps, wheeled equipment and other tools designed to help mobility. But most people will need to look outside of the NHS to find the full range of disability aids they need in daily life.

There are a broad range of suppliers who offer disability aids that can be purchased outright or rented for shorter periods of time. From crutches and wheelchair accessories to bathroom aids, kitchen aids, dressing aids and much more - disability aid suppliers provide equipment to private businesses, Local Authorities, the NHS, schools and individuals.

Prices for disability aids will vary dramatically depending on exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s always best to look at multiple different suppliers and compare specs and costs before making a purchase. Here you will find some of the leading suppliers of disability aids offering a wide range of equipment to aid mobility and daily life.