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Disability consultants work with business owners and workplaces to encourage and promote an inclusive and accessible work environment. It’s incredibly important that businesses work to recruit and retain disabled staff to create a vibrant, inclusive and diverse workforce.

If you’re a business owner or recruitment manager and need to know more about working with people with disabilities or the reasonable adjustments you can make to accommodate them, then a disability consultant is perfect for you.

Disability consultants will work with business owners and employees to develop and write policies and equality statements to promote inclusive business practices. A disability consultant will often try to consult as many internal stakeholders as possible when assessing the situation - ensuring you end up with the best possible processes and policies for your specific needs.

Disability consultants can help with a variety of projects including: disability inclusive recruitment, policies and statements, reasonable adjustments, disability-inclusive cultures and more.

Disability consultants can also work with individuals who are seeking advice and guidance on getting back into the workforce or supporting them with the reasonable adjustments required to operate effectively in their job.

Whether you’re an organisation, a business owner or an individual, disability consultants are an excellent resource.