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Visual aids refer to a broad range of assistive technologies that can help disabled people or people with visual impairments live independent and efficient lives. Trying to effectively navigate the world and live a fulfilling life as a blind person can feel extremely challenging at times. But technological advancements coupled with intelligent design have driven the development of a huge variety of visual aids that can help make life that little bit easier.

One of the most well known visual aids is Braille - a written language created from a series raised or embossed symbols that can be “read” by feeling the pattern of shapes with your fingers or hands. Braille was a major development in the visual aids industry and is now the industry standard used for important signage and messaging in public spaces.

Visual aids also include a variety of assistive technologies that use speakerphones to create everything from “talking thermometers” to “talking clocks” and even “talking colour identifiers”. Recent advances in science and technology have even led to the creation of special electronic glasses that can help blind people or those with significant visual impairments to see again.

Whether you’re looking for Braille signage for a public space, or assistive technology visual aids for your own home, you’ve come to the right place.