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Wheelchair Lift Suppliers

Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible commercial lift, a platform lift, or a wheelchair lift to help a wheelchair user travel from one floor to another within your home - these wheelchair lift suppliers offer a range of options.

Domestic wheelchair lifts are typically designed for multi-story accommodation and are often referred to as home lifts, platform lifts, through-floor lifts or vertical lifts. For the many wheelchair users who have not managed to find a fully wheelchair accessible property, installing a lift can be an essential improvement.

Through-floor wheelchair lifts typically start at around £8,000 for a quality model including the creation of the aperture and installation, but pricing can vary dramatically depending on the size and type of wheelchair lift you’re looking for. Most companies will charge extra for any structural or building work needed to install the lift.

Commercial wheelchair lifts are larger and more expensive options designed for use in warehouses, large retail complexes and other non-residential spaces. So if you’re looking for a personal solution to allow you to access the upper floors in your house, you won’t need to look at commercial disabled-access lifts.