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Wheelchair ramps are essential mobility aids that allow wheelchair users and people with limited mobility to navigate stairs or different levels within a building. Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the type of space they are needed for. The most common wheelchair ramps are simple straight pathways that run alongside a short flight of stairs leading into a property.

There are different types of wheelchair ramps available from full-width ramps, to channel ramps, threshold ramps, and folding ramps. Folding ramps are particularly useful for temporary solutions in spaces where you don’t want to have a permanent ramp installed.

As well as wheelchair ramps for sale, you can also find ramp rental services that allow you to loan a variety of wheelchair ramps for a short period of time. Prices for wheelchair ramps can vary drastically from as low as £50 to £5,000 and up depending on the size, shape, material and difficulty of installation. Generally speaking, the smaller the wheelchair ramp required, the lower the cost.